Short on Time

Paint Manufacturing Company, Los Angeles, CA

An established paint manufacturer was awarded a large contract with one of its largest customers.  This welcoming news came with critical deliverables and deadlines for the owners.  With recent finance and accounting staff turnover and lack of a training system in place, the company had only a few weeks time to prepare bank-required compliance review documentation.  Our team stepped up to the plate and completed the inventory, financial compliance activities and reporting through team collaboration, diligence and preciseness, expediency and project management.


This project was completed within timeline and budget.  As a result, the company experienced a seamless funding process for expansion.

More Cash for Business

Civil Engineering Firm, Portland, OR

A regional civil engineering firm had merged with a global engineering firm, which brought forth new management view of financial implications for the company.  We supported the current state review of Accounts Receivables, Billings and Cash Receipts processes.  We identified several risk areas and areas of opportunity, such as opportunity to bill and collect for work completed in a consistent and accurate manner.  The team developed a revenue recovery plan to reconcile areas where costs hadn't been fully recovered and where contract acceptance and payment terms were not being adhered to.  

This effort was conducted without interruption to the business and resulted in significant cost recovery for the business.  Additionally, gains from improved workflow significantly reduced the number of personnel resources needed to complete the monthly billing cycle.

Leaner and Greener Operations

Health Care Services, Seattle, WA

A major health care services organization in the Pacific NW needed an overhaul to its real estate infrastructure for meeting the demands of growth and special focus on sustainability.  We presented a comprehensive project plan to address all of the key business deliverables, which included a financial analysis package, detailed project budget, technology road map, supply chain analysis and contract strategy.  Through expert planning, execution and real estate industry knowledge, all of the deliverables were completed and utilized by management as a decision-making toolkit during the entire infrastructure development cycle.  

This project resulted in a high quality infrastructure that met all of its sustainability and financial targets.

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